A dazzling, glittering welcome to 2015


THE countdown has ended as we entered the New Year, and, in a few days time, it would be lights out for the dazzling Christmas lights that shone like diamonds in the sky on the streets of Lagos.

Christmas celebration in Lagos State before the coming of Governor Fashola’s administration was an okay one, albeit a bit dreary, save for firecrackers (knockouts) and a few Christmas decorations on a few houses. Though usually festive, it was largely an exclusive one for individuals and families.

L3L4However, in 2007, Christmas celebration changed forever in Lagos. For the very first time, the streets were given a glittery makeover by Ibidun Ighodalo of Elizabeth R, a leading Events Planning and Management company. It is a full service events planning, design and production company, creating extraordinary events and experiences for private and corporate clients.

Ibidun Ighodalo is renowned for her ability to transform mundane settings into exquisite spaces that serve as feasts for the senses. She is from the famous and affluent Ighodalo family who are an extremely powerful and successful bunch.

L11L8Her dream and vision of transforming Lagos into a fantasyland during Christmas season was ground breaking and laudable. It ushered in an era of goodness and goodwill for the state.  Christmas lights and displays adorned heritage structures, sites and parks, to brighten up the capital. Lagos twinkled with an array of Christmas decorations in all shapes, sizes and colours, giving our streets a festive sparkle.

Magical lights, ornaments, whimsical decor and displays, and garlands created a breathtaking spectacle. Lagos became a wonderland with a very distinct seasonal spirit, and the news spread far and wide. People came from all over to take in the enchanting sights, from displays of peacock inspired sets, to ships, dazzling lights and other exquisite ones. Christmas was no longer exclusive; it became an inclusive moment for all, and brought a sense of joy and amazement.


Elizabeth R pulled out all the stops and Lagos wore on a modern and sophisticated look. This is the seventh year of putting up Christmas lights and it is bigger and better than ever. Under Ibidun’s direction, Lagos streets and sites are a masterpiece, and a beauty to behold.

We cannot imagine Christmas in Lagos without the Midas touch of Elizabeth R, it is now a collective tradition and one we look forward to celebrating.