I Quit

Quitting my job was not just about me quitting the job. The job is not the point. I wanted to walk away from my old, unhappy lifestyle. I had to stop living the lie and start living the life I wanted and I dreamt of!


*Disclaimer – this should have been posted on Thursday last week but I was having too much fun on my hen weekend!

Pay close attention, this story might be about you.

In life we are often told to go out and find a job and make money and therefore somehow we will become happy……….

Today, August 20, 2015, was my point of no return.

I just walked out of the revolving doors of 280 Bishopsgate for the last time and I feel……….nothing. Not sadness, not relief, not even happiness….. just nothing! It’s indescribable. It’s such a strange feeling to know that a place I worked at for 4 years 10 months and 24 days or the equivalent of 32,760,000 seconds, will never ever be apart of my life again, and all I can feel is NOTHING!

The funny thing about this post is that I am actually writing it on…

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2 thoughts on “I Quit

  1. kayode martyns okedeji says:

    I had thought of having a work life free of the regular 7.00hrs – 17.00hrs, and 4 hrs of traffic in the busy hub of lagos island.
    I nursed the idea of quitting the job 2years after I joined the outfit. But before I quit, I had to prepare for an excruciating 3 years of professional course in a school, that is over 200km from my place of abode, it was painful but it’s worth it. I can boast of being a professional consultant on landed matters…

    • topetempler says:

      Very true Kayode. We all get to that crossroads in our lives at one time or the other but it is the courage to move on in uncharted paths that scares and keep us back. Good one you killed your fear and it is paying off now for you. Thanks for sharing bro.

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