Poll Question: What is the best advice your father ever gave you?

Some Answers
• The best advice my dad gave me was in his inability to give advice
• Perhaps the best thing my father ever taught me is that there are times when you will only make the problem worse with your continued presence.
• Life gives you what you settle for.
• Hire people who are smarter than you.
• Don’t take abuse at work. And don’t get so dependent on a job that you have to suffer abuse. If you have a boss that screams yells and insults you, quit. And always be able to be able to quit.
• Charge what you’re worth.
• On your first date, don’t go to a fancy restaurant. The girl will be more interested in the place than in you.
• Never put yourself in a position where you need to ask anyone other than me for money.
• Don’t Panic.
• Don’t choose a career on what will make you money. Choose a career based on what you love to do.
• It was a simple statement spoken to me when I was a snotty adolescent. Very quietly he said “you will never regret a kindness”.
• Who’s busy with mistakes others make; will forget about their own mistakes.
• No matter what you do… don’t be an idiot.
• Marry someone you’re friends with. Love is great, but you need friendship to make it work.
• Math is patterns. Look for the patterns.
• Avoid having problems with people you know you’ll do business with, and avoid doing business with people you know you’ll have problems with.
• Don’t be afraid of the four legged animals, be afraid of the two legged animals.
• It’s better to be lucky than good.
• Always act like a lady, but be prepared to fight like a man.
• No matter how old you are or what you have done, you will always be my son.
• The man is the head of the family. The woman is the neck that turns the head whichever direction she wants to go.
• Always Forgive ( even if it’s not your fault )
• Never stop learning.
• Never be afraid to learn.
• “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”
• Use your brain before your strength.
• Never descend a stairway with your hands in your pocket, you might need them to grab the handrail if you fall
• Great character supersedes great intelligence.
• Before you decide to marry a girl take a good look at her mother.
• If you can find a woman that only annoys you some of the time, hold on to her for dear life.
• NEVER take advice from anyone. Be your own man, do your own thing, and learn from your own mistakes.
• Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!
• The most powerful thing in the world is the power to say no.
• It’s not what you know – it’s who you know.
• beer is an acquired taste so acquire the taste for cheap beer.
• Drive like everyone else on the road is a complete idiot.
• Promise me son, not to do the things I have done.
• It doesn’t matter how much you earn, what matters is how much you save.
• My father never gave me any advice about anything. This is the best advice for my whole life.
• teach yourself.

What advice did you father gave to you?


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