Lawless Men On Abuja Roads

FOR those that have had the chance of visiting many capital cities of the world, the Federal Capital City, Abuja is expected to be a model; but whoever is in charge of traffic control and apprehension of traffic offenders has failed.

The lawlessness ongoing on Abuja roads, especially the main districts, city centre and highbrow areas is unimaginable. People break traffic laws at will, disobey traffic light deliberately, drive recklessly with effrontery and impunity, all in the name of being Abuja residents.

The villagers driving taxicabs in Abuja have also join the fray. It is only in Abuja that Mairuwa, Maigoro, recharge card hawkers and even Mai-Maalu have the honour and privilege to control traffic right at the heart of the city. All traffic control agencies are either at the National Assembly or the Presidency looking for contracts.

The best way to drive in Abuja is simply not to drive! At every junction, U-turn, roundabout, free-drive, a crazy driver is there to mess up your day or give your car a permanent tattoo. You will be wondering how Abuja drivers get their drivers’ licenses without scaling through sanity test.

It’s a shame! It wasn’t this worse in recent past; but now, it is claiming lives.


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