Nigerian Loses Valuables At Hilton Newport Hotel

A Nigerian has lost all his valuables at the Hilton Newport Hotel room, Wales in the United Kingdom (UK). The victim, Mr. Tony Okwoju, who visited the United Kingdom recently, said he returned to the hotel one evening to find that his room had been breached and bolted from the inside such that a member of the hotel staff had to come and cut the bolt before he could gain access into the room.

“I lost all my valuables, including my international passport, cheque book, laptop, iPad, books, manuals and cash.” Okwoju said beyond reporting to the police, the hotel did not do anything to help him in any way to secure travel documents to return home to Nigeria.

He explained that several e-mails by himself and other friends that stayed at the hotel to senior management of Hilton worldwide had been completely ignored, wondering whether it is because he is a foreigner from an African country.

Condemning the attitude of the hotel management to the issue, Mr. Neil Egbor, a member of the group that stayed at the hotel, said “if this had happened to a Briton in a Nigerian hotel, the western media would have been awash with the story, telling everybody how risky it is to visit Nigeria.”

To draw attention to the injustice and compel the management of Hilton Newport, Wales to act, Okwoju has sent a petition to, a social action platform that empowers anyone, anywhere to start, join and win campaigns to change the world.


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